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What's Changed? Updates to the HOPE Grant for Fall 2013

Since 1993, the HOPE Program has enabled tens of thousands of Georgia students to enroll in the state's technical colleges and receive an exceptional technical education. The HOPE Grant, in particular, has helped to train many Georgians who attended the 25 colleges of the Technical College System of Georgia and have become a vital part of Georgia's world-class, 21st Century workforce.

Recently, though, the HOPE Program resources have been strained by both its success and the impact of the nation's economic downturn. The Governor and General Assembly have worked to carefully modify HOPE and guarantee that future generations of Georgians will be able to share in the many educational opportunities afforded by what is still one of the very best college financial aid programs in the nation.

The only change to the HOPE program in 2013 was to reduce the required GPA for HOPE Grant recipients at the college grade point checkpoints. TCSG students using the HOPE Grant had been required to maintain a 3.0 GPA at those checkpoints. Starting with Fall Semester 2013, the checkpoint GPA will be reduced to 2.0.

What TCSG Students Need to Know

  • The HOPE Grant and Scholarship cover a significant percentage of TCSG tuition. Contact your technical college for more information.

  • Starting with Fall Semester 2013, students on the HOPE Grant must earn and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to retain benefits. The first checkpoint will be at 30 semester hours.

  • If lost, the HOPE Grant can be regained one time at a GPA checkpoint. However, if you lost the HOPE Grant because of the past requirement to maintain a 3.0 GPA, you may be eligible to regain the Grant immediately starting in Fall Semester 2013, as long as your HOPE Grant GPA was 2.0 or higher in your last term of attendance. It is important that you contact your TCSG college for more information.

  • Beginning with the Fall Semester 2013, TCSG students who are receiving the HOPE Grant may also be eligible for additional financial assistance from Georgia's Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant (SIWDG) Award for the following TCSG programs: Commercial Truck Driving, Early Childhood Care/Education and Practical Nursing.

    To qualify, a TCSG student must be fully admitted to the college, enrolled in one of the above programs and receiving the HOPE Grant for the same term.

    Click here to learn more about the Georgia's Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant (SIWDG) Award.

  • The Zell Miller Scholarship pays 100 percent tuition for students graduating from high school with a 3.7 GPA and a 1200 SAT score, combined from the reading and math portions.

  • Books and mandatory fees are not covered.

  • The HOPE Scholarship will not pay for learning support classes.

  • Students with a bachelor's degree are not eligible for HOPE benefits.

  • The HOPE Grant and Scholarship awards will be adjusted annually, based on lottery revenue.

  • The Georgia Student Finance Commission website provides more information on the HOPE Grant and the HOPE Scholarship at www.gacollege411.org.

Click here to view a chart that summarizes the HOPE Program.