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The HOPE Program

Since it started in 1993, Georgia's HOPE Program has been invaluable to Georgia college students and remains one of the nation's best and most accessible state college financial aid programs. Each year, tens of thousands of students at the colleges of the Technical College System of Georgia benefit from the HOPE program. Among the TCSG students who qualify to participate in the HOPE program, almost 95 percent use the HOPE Grant to enroll in certificate and diploma programs, while the remaining five percent use the HOPE Scholarship to help pursue their associate degrees.

For TCSG students specifically, the HOPE Grant and, to a lesser extent, the HOPE Scholarship, has enabled them to earn their college education and launch rewarding careers as part of Georgia's world-class workforce. HOPE recipients at the TCSG colleges pay only a small percentage of tuition not covered by the Grant or Scholarship. Starting with Fall Semester 2013, HOPE Grant students will need at least a 2.0 GPA at certain checkpoints to maintain the Grant. HOPE Scholarship students must still have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA at certain checkpoints.

The HOPE Program includes the:

HOPE Grant (pays most tuition)
The HOPE Grant, particularly when coupled with the affordable tuition at Georgia's technical colleges, can make a quality higher education a reality for thousands of Georgians who wish to attend a TCSG college.

Georgia's HOPE Grant is available to residents of Georgia who enroll at any TCSG college (or Board of Regents college with a technical education division) to earn a certificate or diploma, regardless of high school graduation date or GPA upon graduation.

Beginning Fall Semester 2013:

  • New students can enroll at a TCSG college using the Grant regardless of high school GPA.

  • The HOPE Grant will pay a significant percentage of TCSG standard tuition. Contact your TCSG college for more information.

  • Starting with Fall Semester 2013, once enrolled, students must earn and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA to keep the HOPE Grant.

  • GPAs will be checked at 30 and 60 semester hours.

  • If lost, the HOPE Grant can be regained one time at a GPA checkpoint. However, if you lost the HOPE Grant becauseof the past requirement to maintain a 3.0 GPA, you may be eligible to regainthe Grant immediately starting in Fall Semester 2013, as long as your HOPE Grant GPA was 2.0 or higher in your last term of attendance. It is important that you contact your TCSG college for more information.

  • HOPE Grant benefits are capped at 63 semester hours.

  • The HOPE Grant can be used for learning support classes and/or dual enrollment courses, which don't count in the Grant GPA and checkpoint calculations. Learning support hours do count toward the HOPE Grant hours cap; dual enrollment hours do not.

  • Students who have earned a bachelor's degree are not eligible to receive the HOPE Grant.

  • Students who were not Georgia residents when they graduated from high school must meet state residency requirements for 24 months before enrolling. (Active military, their spouses and their dependents are Georgia residents for HOPE program purposes if stationed in Georgia or list Georgia as their residence of record).

  • Books and fees are not covered.

For more information, visit the Georgia Student Finance Commission , www.gacollege411.org or your local TCSG college.